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The New Borrowings Database (NBDB) provides information about borrowings into public written Lithuanian since 1990.
Recent borrowings may differ from established ones in several respects. The corpus includes quite a few words that are rarely used, or which were used for a short period of time before eventually disappearing. Some may lack formal integration into Lithuanian, which is typical for older Lithuanian borrowings. Yet taken together, all these words mark the development of the written Lithuanian language, the process of modernisation of the Lithuanian vocabulary over the past two and a half decades, and are illustrative of Lithuania’s new linguistic and cultural contacts following the restoration of independence in 1990.
The NBDB is intended for:
  • ● Providing information about recent Lithuanian borrowings: whenever possible, the entries give the meaning of the borrowing as it is used in Lithuanian texts, the original form, Lithuanian equivalents, spelling variants, and related words, i.e. other borrowings including the same stem, or Lithuanian derivatives of the borrowing. All entries include examples of usage with the indicated year and source.
  • ● Automatic retrieval and sorting of data according to word class, degree of grammatical and orthographic integration in Lithuanian texts, donor language, semantic group, usage domains, etc.
Although the database is primarily intended for Lithuanian users, by providing the principal meta-information in English we hope to open the Lithuanian data for international research on language contact. For further information you are welcome to contact us at:

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